Trading Platform Whitelabel

With the history to back it up, JDR Tech services know how you can harness the power of the Metatrader 4 trading platform. Our solution price a simple yet powerful way to enter the forex brokering industry with minimal capital outlay so you can focus spending your time and money on avenues to grow your business rather than the complexities of running it.

CRM and Client Area

Our proprietary client relationship manager and client area have been developed over the
course of ten years, refined with our years of experience in the market and evolving as the
industry has.

Your clients journey should be seamless, and we’ve ensured this is the case from
automated onboarding, client cash management and trading. With bespoke reporting you
can ensure all levels of risk have been managed. A truly turnkey solution for your business.

Risk Management

Do you think you can be making more from your existing business? But unsure about
where to start? We take the guess work out with a formulated approach to your risk
management providing advanced tools and parameters to ensure you make the most of
every opportunity in your business.

Branding & Web Design

Creating a memorable experience for your clients that ensures they are coming back isn’t
easy, but it is crucial to your brand your new forex business. As you know, forex trading has
a unique audience that must be catered for when your site is being constructed. We work
with you and advise from every angle to develop not just an aesthetically pleasing website
but one that will haul your business to the next level with advanced functionality and
ensuring your lighthouse scores are well into the 90th percentile.

Live Profit and Loss Reporting

The ultimate broker tool! True live profit and loss reporting built to show your yields on A and B book
clients in a real time environment allowing you to move quickly when your parameters are breached as
well as have a constant overview of the business performance.


Our wide variety of Metatrader 4 plugins have been honed to help the most
advanced brokerages target situations specific within their business
addressing issues around leverage, credit usage and many more.

Server Management

Running a brokerage requires the most advanced technology, performance, security and
uptime which as you know comes at a cost. Managing these costs as well as the constant
upgrades in security to ensure your clients upmost safety can be time consuming and
extremely complicated. Our pedigree solutions will ensure you stay ahead of the
competition without breaking the budget no matter what market you are tackling.


Now we know you have the technology to back it up, lets talk marketing. Our team are experts in forex
digital marketing and know exactly which regions you should be targeting and how to place you in the
market as well as all the tools you’ll need for successful campaigns to keep your sales team busy.

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